There are innumerable options open to those seeking a career in science. From agriculture to atmospheric sciences, from biology to chemistry, from geoscience to hydrology, zoology, genetics, and more, the science world is full of possibilities.

Admission Requirements and Curriculum


Students interested in a career in the sciences can get their journey started at Wallace State through its STEM Pathway in sciences. From there the opportunities are limitless as they enjoy a seamless transfer to four-year universities to build on what they’ve learned at Wallace State.

There is a long list of career options for those entering life and physical science careers, whether the aim is to work in medicine, space, conservation, geology, hydrology, meteorology, biochemistry, physics, and more.

Wallace State offers a strong foundation in the sciences that students can carry with them as they work to obtain their bachelor’s, master’s, and even their doctorate degrees. A number of Wallace State alumni have moved on to be doctors, scientists, and meteorologists, including Jason Simpson, the chief meteorologist at Hunstville’s WHNT news station.


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Curriculum: Program of Study

Pathway Maps: Associate in Applied Science, Short Term Certificate


Career Outlook

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