Educators at every level of the education spectrum are an important part of the daily lives of students around the world. Wallace State’s Pre-Education program is designed for students who wish to prepare for a career in education and who will pursue a four-year degree.

Admission Requirements and Curriculum

Pre-Education Program

pre educationAbout Pre-Education

The Pre-Education Program is designed for students who wish to prepare for a career in Education. Interested students should discuss their educational and career goals with an education advisor as early as possible before entering coursework to ensure proper course selection. Each school and program have unique classes and offerings that must be met. Students must follow standard admission procedures of the College. 

The Pre-Education Program curriculum is recommended for students wishing to pursue a four-year degree in education-related areas of teaching. Each student must assume responsibility for knowing the academic requirements for the degree being pursued at the respective transfer institution. 

Admission Requirements 

Students must have a high school diploma or GED and meet all the general admission requirements of WSCC. Please see Education Advisor to complete your individual program of study before you register for classes. 

NOTE: The Guided Pathways Curricular Maps contain all the elements required for degree/certificate completion. However, courses may be offered or taken in other semesters so long as prerequisites are met. Additional options for elective courses are available. Please see Degreeworks for allowable substitutions. Courses may be available days, nights, hybrid, and online. Sample maps for part-time attendance may also be available. Please see an advisor. 

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