Business Management

The management curriculum is designed to provide a sound familiarity with many intricate but practical business concepts. It exposes students to the challenges facing today’s managers in both business and industry.

The process of management is the pursuit of goals. Management consistently involves four basic functions—planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Each addresses a particular set of problems and requires a particular set of skills. The importance of leadership, closeness with customers and employees, motivation, and communication are lessons that business persons must know well.

Managers can be found in a variety of fields, including sales, construction, food service, human resources and health services.

WSCC offers a variety of options for educational advancement in business management fields.  Choose from four program options.  Whether you want to manage a small or large business or own your own business, WSCC has a business management option designed to meet your educational goal.

Associate in Applied Science Degrees
Program lengths are approximately 67 semester hours.  Students may need to take remedial classes (thus increasing hours required) depending on placement test scores.

Business Management
A degree in Business Management prepares students to manage organizations of all sizes and types.  This degree will better position students to compete for positions or to advance in positions in today’s business environment.  After completing this two-year degree, graduates may use their skills in planning, organizing, leading, directing, staffing, facilitating, and controlling to accomplish desired goals and objectives for an organization.  Emphasis is placed on management theory and problem solving in the business world.

Logistics Management
Logistics Management is a new program offered at WSCC, filling a need in the local industry for qualified employees capable of filling positions as Logistics Coordinators, Safety Compliance Specialists and more. Please contact Kathy Sides for more information. 

Banking and Finance
A degree in Banking and Finance provides students with a diverse, broad-based knowledge of banking policies and applications needed to ensure success in today’s business.   Emphasis is placed on laws pertaining to banking, money and banking, and real estate finance. Students will develop competencies in effective business methods, problem solving techniques, and critical thinking. 

Financial Management
The Financial Management degree is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in making money management decisions for businesses and organizations.  This program prepares students with the fundamentals of economics, finance, accounting and management to develop financial strategies.  After completing this two-year degree, graduates may work in business and offices of all sizes and types as financial controllers, cash managers, insurance managers, and in banking occupations.

Office Management
A degree in Office Management provides students with a diverse, broad-based knowledge of vital business policies and procedures needed to ensure success in today’s business environment.  After completing the two-year degree, graduates may enter the job market in a diverse number of positions that require highly skilled individuals who can organize, manage, and distribute information effectively and efficiently.  Emphasis is placed on communication tools in both theory and application to manage complex office environments.

A degree in Entrepreneurship is designed for students who have a goal of running their own business or to create and market their own product.  This two-year degree encompasses a wide variety of business disciplines and could be used in the business world even if the goal is not individual business ownership.  Coursework takes students through case studies, team projects, principles of Internet use and web design, and simulated exercises in computer applications and systems integration.  Students will develop competencies in effective business communication methods, problem solving techniques, and critical thinking.

NOTE: The Guided Pathways Curricular Maps contain all the elements required for degree/certificate completion. However, courses may be offered or taken in other semesters so long as prerequisites are met. Additional options for elective courses are available. Please see Degreeworks for allowable substitutions. Courses may be available days, nights, hybrid, and online. Sample maps for part-time attendance may also be available. Please see an advisor. 

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Business Management

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