Wallace State Community College provides high-speed access to the Internet, e-mail, and network services through a Switched Ethernet Network interconnected by a fiber optic backbone. The network is provided for use by Wallace State Community College students, faculty, and staff and is to be used for education, academic development, and public service only. The College's network/Internet provides students with a quality learning environment by promoting a flexible delivery method of instruction, innovative technology, and state-of-the-art concepts in instruction. It also provides a growth-oriented professional environment for employees by promoting faculty and staff development opportunities. Through efficient use of the College's network/Internet resources and facilities, Wallace State Community College is a resourceful partner for community enrichment. In addition to the network/Internet use by the students, faculty, and staff, it is intended to support the College's administrative processes as well.

These rules and regulations are established to define acceptable use of the College's network system. All students, faculty, and staff who access the Internet with College resources are responsible for seeing that these computing facilities are used in an ethical and lawful manner, and must comply with the conditions set forth in this document and other applicable college policies. Unacceptable use is prohibited, and is grounds for loss of computing privileges, as well as discipline or legal sanctions under Federal, State, and local laws. The College reserves the right to extend, limit, restrict, or deny privileges and access to its network/Internet resources. All users of the College network are responsible for reading and understanding this policy.

Statement of Policy

1. Accounts

a. The appropriate system administrator must approve all accounts and issue passwords allowing access to the College network/Internet resources. The user must be authenticated through a Wallace State Community College assigned network username and password.
b. The username and password are the responsibility of the individual to whom they are assigned. Any individual other than the person to whom they were assigned shall not use the username and password, or other assigned authorization. Violations of this policy or any other policy through the unauthorized use of the username and password subjects the individual to whom the username and password are assigned to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.
c. In the event Wallace State Community College no longer employs an individual, it is the responsibility of the employee's supervisor to notify the appropriate system administrator to close the former employee's account. All student accounts will automatically expire at the end of each semester.
d. Proper identification must be used in any electronic correspondence and valid, traceable identification provided, if required by applications or servers within the Wallace State computing facilities.

2. Software

To prevent computer viruses from being transmitted through the system, there will be no unauthorized downloading or installation of any software. All software downloads and installation will be done only after approval and/or assistance from the appropriate system administrator.

3. Copyright Issues

a. All College network/Internet users must adhere to the copyright laws regarding software, data, and authored files. Users may not transmit copyrighted materials belonging to entities other than this college. Caution is given to downloading material from an Internet source which might be considered making a copy of it under copyright laws.
b. It is permitted for Web pages to be printed and material downloaded from the Internet for informational purposes as long as the purpose for such copying falls into the category of "fair use".
c. The College is not responsible for copyright infringement by a user. Such responsibility shall lie solely with the user.

4. Ethical Use of the Network/Internet

a. All users must be accountable for using these resources in an effective, ethical and lawful manner. At any time and without prior notice, Wallace State reserves the right to examine e-mail, personal file directories, or any other information stored on Wallace State Community College computers or equipment. This will only be allowed with the express approval of the College President, or at the request of law enforcement agencies.
b. The appropriate system administrator may monitor access to the Internet. Use of the
c. Internet constitutes acceptance of such monitoring.
d. This policy should be read and interpreted in conjunction with all other Wallace State Community College policies including but not limited to policies prohibiting harassment, discrimination, offensive conduct or inappropriate behavior.
e. Users are prohibited from accessing the Internet for any unethical purposes, including pornography, obscenity, violence, gambling, racism, harassment, or any illegal activity.
f. Users are forbidden from using profanity or vulgarity when posting electronic mail via the Internet or posting to public forms (i.e., newsgroups). Any electronic mail sent through postings to public newsgroups must fall within these ethical standards.
g. All users must abide by all federal and state laws with regard to information sent through the Internet. The Code of Ethics set by Wallace State Community College strictly prohibits unauthorized release or disclosure of any member information through the Internet or through any other means. College confidential information should not be transmitted over the Internet.
h. All users are also prohibited from using Internet access through Wallace State's systems for any personal business or profit-making activities.

5. Privacy of Information

Information passing through or stored on any Wallace State Community College electronic network, communication, or computer system may be seen by others for a variety of reasons. Routine administration, management, or audit functions may require information stored or transmitted via Wallace State Community College computers and networks to be intercepted. Electronic transactions may be subject to inspection by Wallace State Community College without notice. All users should fully understand that no guarantee can be made that information communicated over Wallace State Community College electronic systems or stored on Wallace State Community College systems will remain private. Users should respect the privacy of others. This includes, but is not limited to, abstaining from the unauthorized access to E-mail, files, data, and transmissions.

6. Condition of Use of the Internet and E-mail

a. As a condition of access to use the network/Internet resources, employees are required to sign the "Use of Internet and E-mail" acknowledgement form. Students are required to sign the "Student Network/Internet Resource Usage" agreement form.
b. Employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including discharge following guidelines provided by the Alabama Community College System, Policy number 619.01.
c. Any user under the age of 18 must have a minor consent form signed by their parent or legal guardian, to be eligible to use the College's network/Internet resources. Access to, or use of the Internet by a minor is solely the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.