Application Instructions

1.  Apply to Wallace State Community College Admissions- If currently attending WSCC and have completed the following, see Meet Dental Assisting Program Requirements in section below.
 Applicant must meet the following Wallace State Community College admission criteria:

  1. Apply to WSCC Admissions. Upon acceptance, you will receive your student number and are ready to apply to the Health Science Program.
  2. Official college transcripts from each college previously attended must be submitted to WSCC Admissions. The Health Science program will not have access to these documents. We recommend you request an official copy be sent to Admissions and at the same time, an unofficial copy sent to you. You will use this unofficial copy for your Health Science application.
  3. Official ACT Scores must be submitted to WSCC Admissions for accurate course placement. ACT Scores can be submitted using a high school transcript or an official score report from ACT. The Health Science application will also require a PDF copy of the ACT scores.
  4. If seeking Financial Aid, complete FAFSA application (, School Code: 007871 by June 1.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of each applicant to ensure that all information is on file in Admissions. 

2.   Meet Dental Assisting Requirements
      Applicant must meet the following requirements:

  1. A minimum of 16 ACT score (National or Residual) is required for admission consideration. Proof of score must be uploaded to online application.  
    ACT scores are available on Degree Works reports, transcripts including High School, and through If ordering your score report, please use Code 0083 and allow 4-6 weeks for processing. Wallace will receive your score from ACT and add it on your myWallace account.  To use scores available on you will need to print to PDF, we do not accept screenshots. We will accept ACT Superscores from ACT, but not manually calculated ACT Superscores. Higher scores will receive more points in the application process. Scan the document to PDF format and save the file as: your FULL NAME ACT.pdf, you will upload the document to your online application.

  2. Must possess a minimum 2.3 GPA on a 4.0 scale for attempted general required program courses. GPA calculated for program selection will be on the general required DAT courses excluding ORI 110.
  3. Must be eligible for ENG 101 according to college requirements.  Please refer to General Admission section of catalog or check with your advisor.
  4. Submit the online health division application with all required attachments by deadline. Applications received after deadline will be considered on a space available basis.
  5. Student must meet the essential functions and technical standards required for the program as documented on the required WSCC physical form. Form to be completed upon program acceptance; view now for reference only.

Dental Assisting Program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago IL 60611, 312-440-4653

Each health program has an online program application process which requires documents to be uploaded and submitted complete by June 1st for evaluation.  All information must be uploaded to each online application to be complete.  Information will NOT be accepted in person, by mail/email or via fax. Any missing documentation may result in your application being declined.

The application must be prepared by the applicant. Mailing address, email, and phone number must be current in order to receive correspondence. Please check email periodically for application notifications.  Applicants will be notified by mail/email of your acceptance outcome by July 1st. No information regarding individual admission status will be given via telephone; do not call Admission or the program directly to obtain status. Log in to your account to review application.

3. Before you start the application, you will need the following:
     All required documents must be uploaded to the application in PDF format.

  1. General Education Worksheet - Must be printed and completed using a black ink pen. The light grey shaded areas are required.

    Print General Education Worksheet

    1. Save file as – your FULL NAME GPA.pdf 
  2. ACT score - (National or Residual Test accepted) Scores printed from Degree Works will be accepted for Wallace State students. Transcripts with ACT score are also acceptable. 
    1. Save file as – your FULL NAME ACT.pdf
  3. Transcript - Print most current unofficial transcript from each college previously attended. Highlight highest grade received for courses listed on General Education Worksheet. College name must be on each transcript.  The unofficial transcript must include all pages (even blank ones).  WSCC Admissions office CANNOT print transcripts from other colleges. The WSCC transcript can be obtained from your MyWallaceState account.
    1. For each individual college transcript,
      Save file as – your FULL NAME college name.pdf
    2. If no college attended, High School transcripts are required, Save file as – your FULL NAME HS.pdf
    3. If submitting CLEP or AP credit, an official score report must be included. Save file as – your FULL NAME CLEP.pdf
  4. Acknowledgement of Standard Clinical Vaccination / Vaccination Requirements Form

Vaccination Immunization Requirements Form

Any missing documentation will result in your application being declined.
When all documents above are gathered, scanned and named correctly proceed to application link below.

How to Scan to PDF
All documents must be named as directed above and uploaded to the online application. Document format must be PDF with 16 MB limit.  All documents must be legible to be valid. All pages of document (even blank pages, full set of page numbers) must be uploaded to be complete. ** Only one image per page. If document contains multiple pages, these pages MUST be batched together into a single PDF document.

  1. Download the Free Cam Scanner App to your smart phone,  
  2. Set up Free Basic Account.  See free tutorial:
  3. From App, select files to send.
  4. Add applicant email address.  Tap Send.
  5. Open email from computer, rename document as directed above and upload to online application when prompted.

5. Apply to the Program  |  APPLICATIONS OPEN MARCH 1 to JUNE 1
First time Dynamic Forms users will be required to “Create New Account” upon entering the online application. 
In order to receive application notifications, use the most frequently accessed email address to “create new account”. The application will time out after 45 minutes.  A "Save Progress" button is accessible for your convenience. The draft is saved in My Forms.  Application is not complete until all documents are uploaded and completed application has been submitted. 
A confirmation email will be sent.

Apply Online

6.  Selection
Meeting Minimal Requirements Does Not Guarantee Acceptance
.  Students are selected on the basis of completion of all program requirements prior to the deadline and ranked based on General Education Worksheet total.

Please check email periodically for application notifications.  Once application information is submitted, it becomes the property of Wallace State Community College and will not be released from this application. Application data is not kept on file from previous submissions.

Accepted students are required to submit to drug screenings and background checks, as well as attend a mandatory program orientation.  Drug Testing Policy and Background Check Policy are available for viewing on the Health Division page.