Wallace State’s FAME program welcomes new cohorts with induction ceremony

Aug 23, 2022Russell Moore
FAME Group

Wallace State Community College recently inducted its fourth FAME cohort.

View more pictures of the event | https://www.flickr.com/photos/wallacestate/albums/72177720301350962

View the livestream from the event | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aamr1qLHrf8

HANCEVILLE, ALA. – Wallace State’s Center for Career and Workforce Development and the North Central Alabama Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) programs recently recognized the college's newest AMT (Advanced Manufacturing Technician) apprenticeship cohorts at a special induction ceremony and safety banner signing event at Wallace State.

 Seven AMT’s were inducted and three others were introduced as FAME participants seeking sponsorships.

 The new class is the fourth FAME cohort to be recognized at Wallace State.  

Each AMT in attendance announced their safety pledge after being introduced. Safety is a key component in the AME classroom curriculum and a strict focus for Wallace State’s cohorts.  

Wallace State’s new FAME cohort consists of the following students:  

  • Ty Duke  AGCO 
  • Brody Dollar - Cardington Yutaka Technology
  • David Tidwell – GE Appliances  
  • Dalton Nabors – Jack Daniel Cooperage 
  • Joseph Harris – Royal Technologies  
  • Alex Wilson – Saint-Gobain 
  • Christopher Hosey, Jr. – YKTA 
  • Alex Franks, Austin Franks & Bryan Gonzalez – Pending Sponsorships 

 The safety pledges from the cohort included:

  • “Always stay focused on the task at hand.”
  • “To remain situationally aware while committing any and all tasks in the workforce.”
  • “Never get in a rush.”
  • “Use handrails while going up or down a stairwell.”

The FAME program is a five-semester program, allowing students the opportunity to earn wages while completing an associate’s degree in Industrial Maintenance. Over a two-year span, students can earn as much as $33,500, spending two days per week in the classroom and three days per week in the industry. 

“It’s always uplifting to feel the excitement from a new cohort. There’s a lot of talent in this room,” said Bethany Campbell, Wallace State’s FAME Coordinator/Success Coach. “In my role, I get to see them from the beginning as they’re interviewing and trying to earn a sponsorship. The end goal is to cheer them on loudly at graduation.”

Added Wallace State’s Wes Rakestraw, Dean of Applied Technologies: “This is a phenomenal opportunity. You get a chance to earn wages, learn more about your craft and develop strong mentorships throughout. We appreciate you believing in Wallace State, and we look forward to the things you’re about to accomplish.”

Wallace State President Dr. Vicki Karolewics addressed the cohorts in addition to Charles Daniels, NCAL FAME Chapter President and of ACYT in Cullman; Wallace State FAME instructor Dean Autry; and Jerry Murcks, Wallace State’s Electronics Technology Department Chair.

For more information about Wallace State, visit www.wallacestate.edu


Ty Duke - AGCO

Ty Duke is the new AMT for AGCO.


Brody Dollar - Yutaka

Brody Dollar has earned an opportunity to work for Cardington Yutaka Technology.


David Tidwell - GE Appliances

David Tidwell is the new AMT for GE Appliances


Dalton Nabors - Jack Daniel Cooperage

Dalton Nabors has earned an opportunity to work for Jack Daniel Cooperage.


Joseph Harris - Royal Technologies

Joseph Harris is the new AMT for Royal Technologies.


Alex Wilson - Saint-Gobain

Alex Wilson has earned an opportunity to work for Saint-Gobain.


Christopher Hosey, Jr. - YKTA

Christopher Hosey, Jr. is the new FAME AMT for YKTA.


Alex Franks - Pending Sponsorship

Alex Franks, Austin Franks and Bryan Gonzalez are members of FAME awaiting sponsorships.



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